Made-to-order: complimentary personalisation

Mpondo – The Horns

Responsible, always.

Justifiable Pricing

Traditional brands from Europe in the luxury bag industry markup their products 10x the true cost. Because we take pride in being a responsible brand, we refuse to do that. We work directly with local African artisans that have years of experience making luxury items. By paying fair wages and cutting out unnecessary middlemen with inflated markups, we build a platform for African luxury to stand shoulder to shoulder with traditional luxury brands. In short, we often make higher quality items with personalisation at a fraction of the price you would pay elsewhere in the world.


"This young entrepreneur sold out all his luxury leather bags after a single tweet - even President Cyril Ramaphosa has one"


"Inga Gubeka's bags have grabbed the attention of fashionistas worldwide"

Be different

Change the world with us.

Join a President and Oscar winning actors, and change the face of contemporary luxury. From being featured by Beyoncé's website to premiering at SA Fashion Week 2019, the world is taking notice of our African master artisans. Every stitch and fold thoughtfully brought together in your unique made-to-order bag.

Do something different, leave the follow-crowd behind, and help the world recognize the untapped potential of African luxury.